~our part~

here at in theorie we are passionate about adding no cost to the planet

our packaging is sustainable, biodegradable, recyclable and plastic free :)                         

please reuse the packaging if you can. otherwise suitably dispose. 


- soy blend eco wax

- 100% textile grade cotton wick. lead free

- vanilla scent. phthalate free (known as the "everywhere chemical" aka not great for us human kind)

- vegetable based dye  

- acid free tissue paper

- biodegradable void fillers. dissolve in running water or toss them in your compost pile 

- plant based wax stamp, reuseable.. simply peel the stamp off the tissue paper, remelt and you've got some sealing wax for any letters you want to send off looking extra fancy

- soy based ink stamp, a more sustainable alternative to petroleum based products

- gummed water activated paper tape

- recyclable cardboard boxes 

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